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What is Personal Health?

January 3, 2015 What is Personal Health?

Personalized health is ultimately about knowing yourself, being mindful of what makes you feel great and what doesn’t, and discovering the choices that will help you thrive.


To put it simply, your genes plus your environment and lifestyle equals what you see in the mirror today – You!


Each of us has a unique set of genes, and even two people with the same genetic material (identical twins, for example), can develop differently if they grow up in vastly distinct environments. It’s all do to with your Epigenetics – the study of external influences on gene expression.


When you know the specific foods, exercises, daily patterns, and even social habits that keep you in optimal health, you are free to eliminate what doesn’t work. Personal health no longer has to be a mystery or a privilege. It’s a right.


The Personal Health Movement


Personalized health is unique and specific to YOU. It considers your genotype, your phenotype, your neurotype, and even more specifically your environment and lifestyle factors at each and every precise moment.


The most precise and personalized health combines the best of ancient wisdom with modern medicine and technologies. When we can accurately integrate eastern and western principles, philosophies and assessments we can effectively identify, classify and optimise Personal Health, specifically for You.


The Personal Health Solution


If we can leverage epigenetics, we can control the way our genes express. This means you now have the choice to take control of your life and reshape your future.


And so our amazing team of scientists, medical doctors and specialists in physiology, endocrinology, neurology and anthropometry have spent the past decade developing a solution that does exactly that. We call it ph360, or Personal Health from a 360 perspective.


Ph360 is a personal health tool that offers health and lifestyle insights based on scientific calculations of gene expression. It provides a personalized guide to the foods, fitness, environment and lifestyle for optimal wellness.
Personalized health is the medicine of the future. Today’s personalized health movement means that you have unmatched access to information about who you are—both inside and out. But what does all that data really mean for you, right here and now? Whether you’re looking to lose weight, reduce stress, tone muscle, sleep more easily, improve your relationships, or discover the foods your body may digest most easily, taking a personalized approach means you will get the results you want faster than ever before.


ph360 brings the future to you now – It’s time to take responsibility for transforming your health and your life. You are in control.


Join the ph360 revolution at!