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Waking Up Women Worldwide as The Total Female Package

November 24, 2010 Waking Up Women Worldwide as The Total Female Package

Hello Friends!

I am excited to share the news with each of you of my first solo project “The Total Female Package(TFP),” an inspirational book for every woman worldwide as a completed manuscript!

As this creation comes to light I will update you on the journey of attracting the top literary agent in the world to publish the TFP so you may walk alongside me and learn the process of manifesting your dreams.

Feel free to follow my updates on Twitter, Facebook or here at the home of The Novalena Show:

And in case you are wondering…here’s a sneak preview of The Total Female Package concept:

The Total Female Package™ is a woman who can see her reflection in the mirror and is soulfully connected to the beauty and power inside her authentic self to live her best life. She is happy and joyful and shares this way of living with everyone she encounters. She doesn’t try to live up to societal idealized standards of what a woman should look and act like and loves everything she is and isn’t. She decides who she wants to be and lives it full out.

The Total Female Package™ (TFP) is an inspirational book for woman to see themselves from a new reflection; the inside out. The book offers teachings, practices, and a new mindset for every woman to live the life of her dreams in the TFP way. The TFP gives every woman the confidence to see her value and self-worth in this lifetime. The TFP is a movement and offers every woman an opportunity to see her reflection in others with the understanding that we are all on our own personal journey to live with more compassion and love.

The Total Female Package was written with YOU in mind.