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The Total Female Package – eBook

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What result will I receive from the Total Female Package?

The Total Female Package is a simple guide to turning on your personal power to live an authentic, happy, healthy and wealthy life by design. This simple guide offers you the opportunity to learn about thirteen mirrors in your life to be your best reflection in as daily action steps.

What does being the Total Female Package mean?

The Total Female Package is a woman who can see her reflection in the mirror and be soulfully connected to the beauty and power inside her authentic self to live her best life. She is happy and joyful and shares this way of living with everyone she encounters. She doesn’t try to live up to society’s idealized standards of what a woman should look and act like, and she loves everything she is and isn’t. She decides who she wants to be and lives it inside out.

What a few folks are sharing about the Total Female Package?

“You might be wondering why I’m endorsing a book called The Total Female Package. First of all, I married above myself—my wife, Margie, is definitely the total female package. Secondly, I’m a big fan of Novalena Betancourt and I know what a fabulous impact her thinking, expressed in this book, will make toward all women being the best they can be in every part of their lives. Read this book and share it with others.”

– Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Lead with LUV

“The TFP addresses the major first step in life that most of us did not take. It is having the courage to be honest about who you really are and coming to the realization that you are beautiful. Novalena has that rare gift of being able to capture raw moments while bringing a healing insight to them. I have not seen someone so accepted in a room like Novalena in a long time. She comes across as the big sister you always wanted to be connected to. For anyone looking to upgrade any area of their life this book is the first step on your journey.”

-Dean Kosage, Founder of Freestyle, Inc., and Stay Connected Mobile

“The true definition of success is when you can look into a mirror, and like what you see! In The Total Female Package Novalena reveals how a woman’s true happiness comes from within. It is who we are, and what we share that counts most in life.”

-Sharon Lechter, Co-Author of Think and Grow Rich- Three Feet From Gold, Rich Dad Poor Dad and her latest release, Outwitting the Deviland CEO of Pay Your Family First