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Self Esteem Courses

November 24, 2010 Self Esteem Courses

Low self esteem comes in many forms: from having doubt about your present situation, having issues with how you look like or feeling as if you are just not good enough. No matter the cause, self esteem issues can have a very negative effect with a woman’s quality of life. Women with low self esteem can be more indifferent, un-motivated, and miserable in general. Judging themselves by their shortcomings rather than by their positive qualities they look at other people’s accomplishments as a reflection of their own failures in life.

Low self esteem concerns is a problem more common among women than men. Problems with self esteem, when not resolved, can lead a women to depression. Women suffer twice as much with depression than men, self esteem issues being one of the main causes. Issues can become visible from stress at work, stress from home, issues with body image, or experiencing a general lack of self appreciation. Many times self esteem problems started at a very young age, as young girls quickly learn to compare themselves to their peers.

Many activities are available for women that are a great way to help aid in raising low self esteem:

*Physical fitness is a great way to reduce the stressors in life and increase your self confidence. Joining a women’s only exercise club can help to minimize some of the self-consciousness women feel when attending a gym where men are also present.

*Yoga can help you focus on finding harmony and relaxation rather than on building a model perfect body or beating everyone with the most weight lifting repetitions.

*A hobby or something else you can do regularly without being obligated can help you feel good about yourself and build confidence .

*Joining a group can help women who are uncomfortable in social situations. You can slowly learn to open up and be more assertive.

Do yourself, family and friends a favor and do not live with low self esteem. Having negative feelings control your life will keep you from being the total female package you’re truly capable of becoming. Learn to remove most of the stress in your life but remember a little stress helps you grow as an individual because it makes you learn to cope with change. Make sure to take time for yourself and find a place of piece and quiet. Having your mind clear and relaxed will help you make better decisions during difficult times. What is of the utmost importance is to know and love who you are.