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Own Your Worth by Becoming A Published Author

December 15, 2014 Own Your Worth by Becoming A Published Author

Hello friends!

I know it’s been a while since you heard from me…and I have an honorable reason to share why…I took on the opportunity to interview 24 of the new emerging authors of our generation on their Defining Moment of Courage to give each of you a story you can relate to to NEVER GIVE UP in our first Defining Moments book!

We have Jack Canfield of the infamous Chicken Soup of the Soul series and Sharon Lechter of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Three Feet From Gold and Outwitting the Devil as the premier authors passing the torch to the new talent of our time today.

And on July 10, 2012 our compilation book will be released on Amazon as a best seller! Becoming an author helps you to distinguish your desire and passion from the many eyeballs in the crowd to expand your brand and who you are becoming in the world. I invite you to get your copy of the first edition of the Defining Moments book series and submit your story to be considered for the next Defining Moments book.

Simply, go to and reserve your copy NOW!

Check back here more frequently…I will be sharing how the past 6 months of 2012 have opened up the conversation for me to stand in my purpose and give to each of you in a more authentic way than I could have imagined.

I encourage you to own your worth, consider becoming an author and join me over at

Heart hugs and love,