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How to Style Your Engagement Ring

January 7, 2015 How to Style Your Engagement Ring

Now that you’ve said yes, here’s how to help your new accessory shine.


You have a brand new engagement ring on your finger and you just can’t stop staring at it. Sure, it looks beautiful on its own, but there are tons of ways to accessorize that will make it look even more gorgeous — without breaking the bank.


1. Make it a ring party

Your engagement ring could stand to share the spotlight. To draw attention to other parts of your hand, slip a big baubly cocktail ring on your forefinger and add a few midi rings for the perfect complement.


2. Take care of those nails

Draw attention to your new ring by adding some blingy nail art on your ring finger to set it off. If that’s not your style, try metallic shades or bright colors to really make it pop.


Woman hand with fancy ring


3. Give your arms some love

Accessorizing your ring isn’t all about the fingers. An arm full of bracelets is a great way to draw attention to it without pulling away from the fabulous engagement statement. Try layering on a variety of sizes and colors to add texture and depth to your look, with one super special piece tossed in for an extra luxe factor.


4. Mix up the metals

If your ring is made of just one metal (or a combination), feel free to mix and match it with jewelry of other metals. Try sporting additional rings on your left hand that have both gold and silver (or even rose gold) in them to make it all look a bit more interesting.


5. Or match it up

While it should stand out a little bit, you want your ring to look like a natural part of your wardrobe. Matching the stone in that new ring to others on your earrings or necklace is a quiet way of making things gel. Example: If your ring has amethyst stones, invest in a pair of amethyst studs to toss on with a casual outfit; if it’s set in a platinum band, go for a delicate silver necklace to tie your look together.