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How would your life look if you had a flow of CONSTANT SELF WORTH?

December 15, 2014 How would your life look if you had a flow of CONSTANT SELF WORTH?

There are many talks about the end of the world and the Mayan calendar beginning it’s final cycle yesterday. As some would say it’s a time to declare what it is you truly want to experience in life and set forth to be on track. I’m constantly seeing all the people around me sharing their stories, paradigms, belief systems, and tools to help people and I’m constantly feeling as if this whole hologram is one big joke.

How can you really help anyone if you aren’t working on healing yourself? If you have wounds, issues, belief systems that encourage judgment, even if you make millions of dollars in the world but are choosing to feel trapped, how are you truly helping people?

An old saying that resonates with me says, “We are all spiritual beings, having a human experience,” if that is the truth then why are so many of us caught up in the human game of life? Why aren’t we going deeper? Why aren’t we focusing on love and relationships 8 hours a day instead of how to make money and turn negative manifestations into positive experiences? Why aren’t we healing? Why are we holding onto past hurts? Why aren’t we getting to the real core of who we are? Why are so many people scared to look in the mirror?

Every line….every thought…every emotion is all a game. There are 6.9+ billion people on this planet – so do you know what that means? There are 6.9+ billion worlds of holograms occurring every single second of the day…you have choice to figure out which one you want to play in — are you happy? Are you choosing the one that serves you?

I find myself two years after writing a book for women about self worth still pondering what true consciousness really means. The more conscious we become the sillier it seems to believe we aren’t responsible for every moment. Coincidences? I don’t think so. We are truly responsible for every moment. Every moment of pain, joy, sadness, anger, happiness.

I love to love on people. I love to hear stories and create a safe space for people to share not their heart but their SOUL. I do SOUL interviews. I see a person and within moments of conversation I can tell where their SOUL is on the journey. It’s funny to feel that – funny to admit it. I take responsibility for it because it allows me to tap into the art of conscious flow.

I’ve allowed myself to play the game….so what happens when you decide you want out of the matrix? How do you truly live subconsciously for the rest of your life? I’m on a journey and intend to remember.

It’s not about the Secret or Law of Attraction…it’s about TOTAL personal power and tapping into the sacred space of constant SELF WORTH. How would your life look if you had a flow of CONSTANT SELF WORTH?

Oprah once said, “Be responsible for the energy you bring to every situation.” Imagine a life where you lived from TRUE subconscious POWER…how would you show up? Join me over the next several weeks to remember who YOU really are to live from within – YOUR SUBSCONSCIOUS JOURNEY.