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Believe in your power!

March 6, 2017 Believe in your power!

Happy March! As I sit in a cafe called “Healthy Creations” writing to you I continue to reflect on the possibilities for 2017.

Have you taken a moment for yourself yet to reflect on how your 2017 is shaping up? What items in your life seemed like blessings and what other moments seemed like real challenges for you? What are the lessons you learned and how did you expand in becoming more of who you truly are?

I share these questions with you because the best gift you can give yourself and loved ones in your life is the gift of “Self Mastery”. Frequently tuning into your inner voice and what is happening for you in each moment provides you the power to create exactly what you want. And looking back to reflect on all of the art called your LIFE you created can help you navigate which colors and prints you want to bring to life in 2017 and what other palettes and tones you can leave behind.

The real truth…is that I believe in your POWER probably more than you do – especially in this moment. I know with unwavering FAITH that whatever is happening for you right now came at the focus of your thoughts over and over again. And to change the page on your current chapter all you need to do is realign your thoughts to focus on what you want, what feels yummy to you and trust you deserve it.

So as you continue moving into 2017, I want to ask you to do a simple exercise for YOU that will have a magical affect on every area of your life. I want to ask you to DREAM again. And not the kind of dreaming you do and then think “Yeah, right…We shall see if that comes true.” I want you to DREAM with the power of your inner child. The inner child within you whose imagination has no limits. And I want you to write down a big dream you have in these areas of your life and really get into the feeling tone of having it come to you with ease and grace:

1. Spiritual

2. Health

3. Relationship

4. Greatness

5. Lifestyle

I recently did this exercise with my twin flame husband, Jeremy Nichele, and we cooked up some fun focuses in all those environments of life that keep me excited for what I/We are creating together and throughout 2017.

I will share one of them with you as it pertains to my spiritual practice. This area has been a supreme focus for me for most of my life. Trusting signs and honoring my inner wisdom as much as possible from a young age. As I’ve studied the Laws of the Universe and put them into practice with deepening my meditation techniques over the past several years, I started to wonder over the past few weeks what it would feel like and be like to be a true Alchemist. I mean we all have the power of Alchemy at our fingertips with focus – so that has now become my goal for 2017 in the environment of my spiritual life. My intention is to become an Alchemist and deepen my understanding of transmuting matter. So I have set aside one day a week to make

this my entire focus and have bought several books and found several videos online to empower my mind and abilities with education and practice on BECOMING this part of myself that has always been there.

That is the magic of dreaming. If you can dream it, you already are it or have access to the dream on another plane of existence to make it a reality in this physical world. It then takes the human behavior of action and faith to bring it forth!

So as I focus on becoming an Alchemist in 2017, what will you create in deepening your mastery of self to create a life worthy of you?

My invitation to you is to dream as your inner child, give power to your creative genius and deepen an area of your life that suits your worthiness.

You are legendary in my eyes and I hope I can help you own that knowing in a new way this year as one of your biggest Fans 🙂

With a whole lot of heart and love – your TFP big SIS!