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Eric Schmidt Predicts the End of the Internet

Erich Schmidt

We've heard a lot about the death of email, but the death of the Internet? Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, thinks that the Internet as we know it today will all go away. On a panel called "The Future of the Digital Economy” at the World...

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13 Power Couples Who Rule The Business World

Couple having a good time

It's one thing to have a successful career, but maintaining a successful marriage on top of that can be even harder.   Here are 11 power couples where both partners have done extremely well in business, finance, entertainment, media, fashion, and tech.

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Cherry Blossom

Travel Places:

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Understanding happiness takes an open mind.

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Live Happy is leading the global movement to make the world a happier place. We are dedicated to promoting and sharing authentic happiness, inspiring people to live purpose-filled, healthy, meaningful lives. We're a magazine, website, resource and movement about a timeless quest: Living a happy...

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